Partnership for Pharmaceutical Supply

We offer our clients a unique platform to register, distribute and promote their pharmaceutical products , biotech and medical devices in more than 15 countries in East Africa Region.

Pharmaceutical Supply

In long-term partnerships, we build market share through the work of dedicated and highly experienced marketing and business development professionals with deep market knowledge.
We are team of experts closely involved in implementing high brand visibility, and the management of category, range and price, throughout the continent.
We align objectives with partners, with a transparent approach that offers a clear picture of our structure and strategy, supported by powerful analytics.
We negotiate aggressively on behalf of our partners and constantly seek new opportunities to extend brands and stretch channels. 

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Our Consultancy Services

Market Potential

Evaluation of market and business opportunities based on: (a) Supplier’s portfolio, (b) Dossiers of the selected products, (c) Supplier’s financial objectives. Guidance through the local, specific and complex import practices

Product Registration

Preparation and submission of registration dossiers to the local Health Regulatory Authorities, and follow up until receipt of the Marketing Authorization

Product Supply

Coordination for the execution of supply agreements, opening of credits, and customer services related to the execution of purchasing orders.