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At East African Consult, our approach to logistics management and supply chain optimization is innovative and unique. We blend capabilities in consulting, technology, commercial structuring, technical diagnosis, and operational logistics management to help companies unlock the latent value in their supply chain. We seek to understand the client’s logistics strategy first before designing the business processes to execute the strategy. We then configure the appropriate IT systems to enable and support the business processes.

what we Do

Bid Consultancy And Facilitation Services


Transport and Logistics Networks

Supply Chain software solution

Tie Up with Local Partner for Bid Facilitation Services
  • Procurement of Tender Documents
  • Attending Pre-Bid meetings
  • Translation of Tender Documents
  • Seeking Clarifications from the Purchaser
  • Preparation of responsive and winning bids
  • Help in EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)
  • Providing Market Intelligence, local taxes and Duties
  • Successful and timely submission of tender Documents
  • Attending Bid Opening
coustom CR


  • Fiscal representation
  • Direct EDI link to customs
  • Pre-clearance
  • Tariffing and assistance with tariff determinations
  • SARS accreditations
  • Registration of bonded facilities and rebate stores
  • Permit applications
  • Resolution of customs stops, detains and inspections
Transport and Logistics Networks

Our team of road freight experts finds the fastest and most cost-effective solution for your cross-border and cross-country shipments.

  • Partner With All Vehicles and Truck Rent Service Supplier for Your Transport And Fleet Solutions
  • Provides real-time visibility of end-to-end delivery by industry standard tech solution.
  • Optimize fleet configuration by identifying the right mix of vehicles for your business.
  • Visibility and control over your rail shipments throughout their transit
supcha APP1
supcha APP2
Supply Chain Software Applications Solution

The platform utilizes an extensive library of processes and features, enabling organizations to create their own applications through the configuration of screens, process flows and logic

  • End-to-end mobility platform and stand-alone mobile workforce management solution
  • Delivery notification and divert capability
  • Agile and dynamic technology for fast customization and implementation
  • Configuration can be achieved within hours
  • Integration with 3rd party apps, TMS, Route Optimization’s and other complementary systems
  • Real time location tracking of custodians visible to all stakeholders in a single system.