Wondwessen Azage

Senior International Procurement Advisor
Senior International Procurement Advisor
Responsibility: Procurement consultancy
Unlocking clients Procurement bottleneck in the supply chain. of the
Experience: Procurement consultancy
12 Years
Wondwosan Azage
507 - 541 - 4567
I will be able to:

Specialization Expertise in Pharmaceutical Procurement and supply
– Key Account Management: Managing and coordinating business
relationships with pharmaceutical suppliers and ensuring that key
business objectives are met.
– Sourcing, Contracting, and Negotiating Supplier Agreements: Identifying,
sourcing and evaluating potential pharmaceutical suppliers, drafting and
negotiating contracts, and ensuring compliance.
– Market Analysis: Collecting and analyzing market data on
pharmaceutical products and their suppliers to inform procurement
– Budgeting and Cost Control: Setting and managing budgets for
pharmaceutical procurement, and ensuring that costs are carefully
managed and controlled.
– Supply Chain Coordination: Managing the coordination of the
pharmaceutical supply chain from supplier evaluation and selection, to
ordering, receiving, storing, and distributing products to internal

•Dealing with Logistics and foreign Procurement process including :
– Sourcing, Supplier selection, and negotiating behalf of the company.
– Dealing with all steps and activities in obtaining L C .
– Follow up and expedite the upcoming shipment, Custom clearing and
dealing with Transportation ups and downs.
– Managing the warehouse, ensuring proper material handling, calculating
reorder level and Manage inventory and distribution systems.
– Organizing, Follow-up every credited invoice of governmental Org. also
insuring their Payment.
– Determine future material requirements, preparation of purchase
budgets and schedules.

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    He is a services industry veteran with a diversified wealth of expertise that includes worldwide operations, delivery, process improvements, mergers and acquisitions, and integration, as well as sales and business development.

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